GTA 6 Game Free Download

GTA 6 Game Free Download

GTA 6 Game Free Download

GTA 6 Game Free Download


The plot of Grand Theft Auto VI

(GTA 6 Game Free Download) GTA 6 tells the story of the authorities of the criminal world, which plunged the once-prosperous city of Vice City into an endless war for power. Bank robberies, car thefts, skirmishes in the middle of the day – all this has become everyday life for ordinary citizens and fun for the young.

The player will take on the role of the head of one of the ruling clans, a visiting student programmer, or former commando. The prologue of the game allows you to look at the world through the eyes of each of them and choose a favorite, after which the change of characters will be made at any time in the game. They will become best friends or sworn enemies – you decide. GTA 6 Game Free Download


GTA 6 Game Free Download >> Gameplay innovations

1) The area of ​​the game world is 300 km 2, which exceeds the size of the worlds in the previous parts by several times;

2) The possibility of detailed tuning of your favorite cars (replacing wheels, fenders, bodywork, hood, headlights, turbines), adding them to your collection and calling next to the current character via a smartphone;

3) Complete freedom of movement using parkour elements to overcome obstacles and climb the tallest buildings;

4) An unprecedented collection of vehicles, including all-terrain vehicles, ships, fighters, underwater trays, and tanks; GTA 6 Game Free Download

5) Using the environment to eliminate opponents – drop a cargo crane onto an intrusive pursuer, block the road with a century-old oak or set a pack of wolves on an enemy gang;

6) The melee combat system was created by former fighting game developers (Tekken, Street Fighter), providing the credibility of each movement, wide opportunities for studying martial arts and a system of competitions in arenas between the best fighters from around the world; GTA 6 Game Free Download

7) All items and clothing used are amenable to demolition and environmental influences, requiring regular care.


GTA 6 Game Free Download >> Graphics Innovations

1) To recreate the game world, developers used photographs of real objects taken from hundreds of angles;

2) Each character in the world of the game is made by scanning and capturing the movements of living people;

3) The effects of explosions, shots, and splashes are made of thousands of tiny particles that merge into one stream; GTA 6 Game Free Download

4) The construction of cities took place in coordination with leading experts and advanced technologies;

5) All vegetation is made using the technology of simulation of live growth, which allows you to observe the growth of forests and grow your own plantations;

6) Detailing of textures has undergone processing from scratch and now provides the display of leaves on the road, pores on the face and cracks in buildings;

7) Creating characters for the multiplayer game mode supports loading your own photos and recreating the selected person in the game editor using a special algorithm. GTA 6 Game Free Download

We have collected all the cheat codes for GTA 5 for those who play it; it may come in handy. So…

Everyone is interested to know when the GTA 6 game will be released.

Now on the Internet, there are enough fake pages with the game, so we advise you to wait for the official information with ALLCFG and not download viruses and unnecessary programs to your computer. GTA 6 Game Free Download

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